B Ichi Chapter 1 - Chinjuku

Chinjuku district, Japon

Toykyo is a major city in the heart of Japon.[1] It serves as the initial setting for B. Ichi.[1][2][3]


Toykyo is managed by the Governor and his Vice Governor.

Notable ResidentsEdit

Toykyo is home to numerous dokeshi such as Shotaro and dangerous criminals such as the Tast Brothers and Solence, causing many dokeshi to suffer from intense prejudice from other humans. Yohei Nanami worked in Toykyo for Fear Factory. Mana arrived in Toykyo on the advice of a fortune teller.[1][2]

Notable LocationsEdit


Main article: Chinjuku

The Chinjuku District is a major part of Toykyo, albeit one that is prone to crime including vehicle theft.[4]

Metropolitan BuildingEdit

The Metropolitan Building is the seat of government for Toykyo, serving as the offices for the Governor and the Vice Governor.


This district seems to be a center for local youth culture, full of stores and clubs. In bonus artwork, Mana is shown visiting a Sucker Punch Tournament where she defeats multiple opponents, knocking one into the ceiling, to earn a commendation. Elsewhere, at a park, Tool, Yohei, and Shotaro struggle to find space to stand in this popular meeting place, full of young, fashionable people milling about. The trio stand under a statue labeled "Hachiko," which features a fantastic, vaguely canine creature. Yohei crouches and smokes numerous cigarettes, while Shotaro sleeps while standing and leaning against the Hachiko statue.[5]


  • Toykyo, Japon, alludes to the real-world setting of Tokyo, Japan, which bears passing resemblance to Ohkubo's very exaggerated setting. Areas in Toykyo have similar passing resemblance and similar names to their real-world counterparts:
    • Toykyo's Chinjuku resembles Tokyo's Shinjuku
    • Toykyo's Sinbuya is a play on Tokyo's Shibuya, an area whose stores and clubs make it a center for local youth culture.[6]
  • In the Bonus Art, Tool, Yohei, and Shotaro are also in Sinbuya, at a park with a statue labeled "Hachiko." Hachiko refers to a famous dog in Japan known for its loyalty to its master. Daily, the dog would talk to the station where its master worked in order to follow him home. One day, the master died, but the dog waited at that station at the same time daily for its master to return until its death. There is now a statue of Hachiko in Shibuya, a popular meeting spot.[7]

References in Okubo's Future WorksEdit

  • As with Toykyo, Ohkubo would use similar near-anagrams later when parodying Egypt as Hegypt in Chapter 0.3 of Soul Eater.[8]


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