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Tool (トゥール Tūru), also spelled Tuhl, is a kappa residing in the Fantastic Island garbage dump in I. C. Prefecture, an old friend of Yohei Nanami, and a member of Shotaro's Group. He is a supporting protagonist in B. Ichi.


As a Kappa, Tool has a beaked face, webbed hands and feet along with a dark green complexion with a white cap used for storing water on his head with the word Water written on it, along with long pointed "hair." Tool wears a blue biker jacket with silver studs along the collar, shoulders and lower jacket with a white T-Shirt with red kanji written on it, as well as blue pants with a silver chain connected to several wooden beads, and brown shoes.[1]

When infiltrating Fear Factory, Tool wears a long white jacket with red kanji on the back, using various wrappings around his waist, and black shoes.[2]


Tool enjoys eating kiwis, one reason why he is willing to leave his home in the Fantastic Island garbage dump to visit the IC Prefecture, even as the humans living there, as he thinks, dislike him for his kappa appearance.

Tool is annoyed when anyone mentions his bald head, and he will react violently against Shotaro or anyone else who refers to him as "baldy."



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Yohei Nanami: Having known him since his defection from the Dokeshi Hunt, and from communicating with his Silver Gun, Tool has keen insights into Yohei's personality, sometimes able to see through his attempts to keep distant from his friends, but also as likely to enter into angry, sometimes violent disagreements with him.

  • Mana and Tool spar

Mana Hinoki: Mana and Tool share similar traits in regard to how seriously they take certain situations, especially combat, although Tool thinks of the younger Mana can be more immature than he.

Upon first meeting, Mana was shocked to encounter a kappa.[3] Despite how different Tool looks from humans, Mana quickly acclimated to his appearance, largely focusing on his character and agency rather than only on his identity as a kappa. Still, Mana is not without flaws, as shortly into their friendship, Mana desired to stroke Tool's bald head, annoying him.[4]

The two are both interested in combat, at one point practicing martial arts together so Mana can teach Tool about Bassai.[4]

Tool also reacts badly when he sees up Mana's skirt, arguing that as a man he should not see such things. Tool ended up passing out from seeing up her skirt, which may suggest Tool felt lust regarding Mana's underwear, or felt lust regarding sexual situations in general.[5]


Soul PowersEdit

Soul Communication: As a kappa, Tool is able to understand the feelings of both people and inanimate objects. This skill can include speaking with the object in a spiritual dimension, in which Tool's appearance changes: any injuries he has sustained disappear, and he is wearing not his usual attire but a kimono.

Soul Removal: He also can use this power to remove souls; however, whereas kappa are able to remove the souls of humans and other animals, he can do so only to inanimate objects.

Kappa StyleEdit

Art of the Dish, Dish Shield: Thanks to the thick bald dome, the top of Tool's head is able to withstand tremendous weight, even from fast moving objects such as ceiling tanks falling from at least ten feet above.[6] Tool's thick dome is strong enough to bear multiple punches from the Fear Robot's fists, even when powered by Nofix's Powers of Spin. However, even his dome head can crack under repeated punches to the same spot on his dome.


B Ichi Chapters 8 and 9 - Tool shocked at Fear Robot attack

Tool is overwhelmed by destruction of inanimae objects

Due to his ability to hear inanimate objects, Tool can be overwhelmed by the disorder of such objects, especially when they are being destroyed, as when the Fear Robot attacks the Fighting Robot Stadium.[7]


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