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B Ichi Chapter 4 - Silent Hill

Shotaro's group arrives in Silent Hill

Silent Hill is a mountainous region of Japon, about three-day automobile travel from Toykyo and one-day automobile travel from I. C. Prefecture. One of its most notable locations is Mt. Fooji. Its inhabitants include human farmers and ogres, the latter frequently hunted for their horns.


  • Silent Hill alludes to two real-world locations, both named Shizuoka: the prefecture in Chuubu and the capital city of that prefecture. The real-world Shizuoka is written with the characters for "silent hill." Whereas the real-world Shizuoka is located in Chuubu, Japan, the fictional Silent Hill is located near I. C. Prefecture in Japon.[1]
  • Silent Hill is also the name of a popular video game franchise.


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