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Rage Agei
B Ichi Chapter 13 - Agei profile


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Chapter 5

Dr. Rage Agei (アッシー Ajjī?), also spelled Dr. Rage Agey and Dr. Rage Agi, was an important robotics expert working for the Dokeshi criminal organization Fear Factory. After his defeat at the hands of Mana Hinoki, he escaped the collapsing Fear Factory building, only to be killed by Emine. He was a supporting antagonist in B. Ichi.


Agei dislikes it when his creations are insulted. He resembles a tanuki and adds "correct?" to the ends of his sentences, which annoys Tool greatly.


Agei created the Fear Robot and various other machines for Fear Factory. He appears intelligent at first, but some of his inventions are questionable.

Robotic CreationsEdit



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B Ichi Chapter 19 - Agei killed

He is killed by Emine.


  • Agei's name is ironically pronounced "A guy," alluding to his lack of prominence and how quickly he is disposed of.
  • In one panel the Tatihi on the front of his robot was changed to Tanuki, which fits the appearance of Agei.
  • Agei's Tatihi 80 robot is listed as "Rage Agei's Machine," hence Rage Agei's full name with his robot is an allusion to the United States rock band Rage Against the Machine.[1] [2]


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