This article refers to the spirit within Shotaro, who is also known as the Kyokotsu.

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"Would you take a little milk? Ah!! I should maybe warm it up!! Yes, I'll make you hot milk!"

— Kyokotsu to Shotaro ("Mezzanine--Kyokotsu and Bai Ze")




Manga Debut

Chapter 17

The Kyōkotsu is the spirit of Bone Powers that resides within the bones of the Dokeshi Shotaro. It also serves as an alias for Shotaro himself, "Crazy Bone." Kyōkotsu lends Shotaro his power after discovering his friends Yohei, Mana and Tool beaten by the NoFix and the Fear Robot.


Kyōkotsu initially appears to be intimidating, but it becomes clear that he is only teasing, introducing himself and becoming quite friendly, charismatic and self-less, even offering Shotaro a glass of milk. Kyōkotsu is very nonchalant and casual even while Shotaro is in severe danger facing NoFix and the Fear Robot, similar to Shotaro's ignorance.

Despite his friendly qualities, he does however show frustration as Shotaro faces against his childhood friend Emine and refuses to fight, it's because of his insistence that Shoraro gathers the strength to battle against Emine.


Kyōkotsu appears as a skeletal spirit with green face paint triangles above and below his left eye, a yellow and black striped twin pointed hat with a sash around its neck, and draped in a long yellow and black striped dress down to his feet, similar to Shotaro's scarves, that is dragged behind him.


  • A Kyōkotsu is a skeletal yokai spirit which rises from wells to scare people. This explains his behavior when first introduced within Shotaro, rising from the well and putting him on edge, before revealing is was just a joke.
  • In Japanese, Kyōkotsu is written with the characters that roughly translate into "insane bone" or "crazy bone."[1]


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