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Bone Powers comprise all of Shotaro's abilities as a Dokeshi, gained when he bites on the bone of any animal. The daily condition for these Bone Powers is that Shotaro must perform a good deed.

Daily Condition and LimitationsEdit

Shotaro's Dokeshi condition requires that he perform one good deed daily.

If Shotaro draws too much of the spirit of the deceased, Shotaro can exhaust himself, requiring he sleep for almost an entire day.[1]


Shotaro carries in his backpack.[2] He bites upon a bone to gain the abilities, memories, and spirit of that animal.

Types of Bone PowersEdit

  • Bone of the Bird: Shotaro can leap great heights.[2]
  • Bone of the Snake: Shotaro can bend his body to slide through narrow passages, even large crowds.[2]
  • Bone of the Hedgehog: Shotaro's hair forms into quills which can puncture heavy but flexible surfaces.[2]
  • Bone of the Monkey: Shotaro gains dexterity and balance, allowing him to swing easily and leap far distances.[2]
  • Bone of the Dog: Shotaro's sense of smell improves.[2]
  • Bone of the Ogre: Depending how much spirit of the ogre Shotaro draws, his height and face can change to that of that particular ogre.[1]
  • Bone of the Pig
  • Bone of the Cat: Shotaro's facial features become more feline: his irises and pupils narrow, his ears become more pointed, his nose comes to resemble a cat's, and his mouth becomes more cleft. Under the influence of the Bone of the Cat, Shotaro is also prone to hiss and meow. Most significantly, Shotaro's fingers become clawed, his fingernails extended and pointed. As when under the power of Bone of the Dog, Shotaro can dash quickly on all fours.
    • Cat Strike: With his extended fingernails, Shotaro can disable opponents, slashing with his fingernails like a cat's claws, cutting through even metal guns such as those wielded by Fear Factory soldiers.[3]


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